The house is the space where we live in harmony and equilibrium, where we welcome light and energy. It is that little big dream that comes from an instant imprinted in our mind, in which colors, objects and details slowly take shape through a style that speaks of us.


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About Me

My passion for design, my feeling for home furnishing

and the experience gained in the window and door frame sector, have led me over time to specialize as a General Contractor in the real estate sector.
I love to follow the birth of each project and accompany clients in their choices, providing them with a range of opportunities and eco-sustainable solutions, select together the best professionals to rely on and travel the “house project” together. Whether it’s a new construction or a renovation, my enthusiasm and dedication are always the same. Because what I love most is seeing my clients’ dreams come true and being part of them, solving and proposing innovative ideas, and being the “solution” that makes the difference for them.


Green Attitude

I like to think confidently about the future, knowing that my work today improves everyone's tomorrow. We can and must design and introduce systems in complete respect for the environment and the planet's resources.

I propose sustainable materials for construction projects that use mainly wood,

widely used in prefabricated houses due to for its versatility, but also earth, clay, straw, natural fibers and recycled materials, finishing touches with eco-friendly paints and enamels.

My idea of a home of the future is

a building that can minimize energy resources and provide for its own needs autonomously. With passive architecture, I suggest solutions that can make it off-grid, such as solar panels and tubes or cisterns for collecting and making rainwater drinkable.

Transforming an existing into an environmentally-sustainable home

is a real challenge as you come across limits and constraints that may restrict the operating range.  First of all, I assess the type of real estate and find the aspects that can  really be optimized, from the roof to the doors and windows, all the way up to the systems. This step is essential if what you want is a strategy that aims both at improving one’s future home and in a perspective to selling the house.


I am always available to provide professional advice

in an environmentally sustainable way and to study and assess together the best solutions on the market.

Energy Saving

I assess which systems and interventions minimize energy consumption.

Environmental Impact

I choose natural, recycled and man-made materials with a low impact on the environment and renewable energy sources.


I have always collaborated with people who are experts in the field, highly skilled in craftsmanship and knowledge of materials and techniques.


Thanks to long-lasting materials and spaces designed for everyday life, I always imagine a comfortable habitat.


Aesthetics and design must come together and harmonize perfectly with the surroundings without sacrificing the customization of details. Our house must be the most authentic space for living our daily lives.

Well-being and health

Well-being is “all-inclusive”: from the thermal and acoustic aspect to the environmental aspect. It is that ``everything`` that makes a house a healthy place to live in.


The new eco-sustainable garden includes plants suited to the climate and new waste-free irrigation systems.


I investigate what interventions can be carried out to make the energy class of the house higher.

Legislation and bureaucracy

I keep up-dated on new legislation so I can assess the possibility of taking advantage of tax breaks and deductions. My support begins right with the production of ad hoc documentation based on the intervention to be carried out. Whether it is a new house or a renovation, it doesn’t take much to feel overwhelmed by bureaucracy and make mistakes, so relying on a professional saves time and brings about peace of mind.


I like to think that the swimming pool, today, is considered a space in the house that is no longer luxurious as it was in the past, but one that is more accessible and democratic. In fact, thanks to microfiltration systems that allow you to abandon the use of chlorine, it is possible to make the pool crystal clear and creating little impact on the environment while at the same time making it much more economical.



What people say about me

My clients, collaborators and suppliers have understood from the very beginning that passion is my hallmark. You can sense it right away, from sharing the idea to handing over the keys, and that is what they often say about me.

"Getting to know Sonia in my personal sphere, I immediately thought she was a cheerful person with a lot of tenacity; later, becoming her client, I learned that she also brings these human qualities to her work. In addition to this, Sonia is a professional who is always willing to listen to the doubts and perceive the needs not only of her customers but also of the other professional figures with whom she collaborates daily. Sonia transmits a great passion for her work."

Federico F. Physiotherapist (verified client)

"Together with Sonia, I began a collaboration that involves the completion by my business network of green-building houses that she arranges for the client to obtain unfinished. Sonia's professionalism stands out not only in the relationship with the client, but also in dealing with the company supplying the structure in order to obtain the best sales conditions, as well as in the partnership with me that we established in order to be able to give the final client the house of his/her dreams."

Fabrizio P. General Contractor (collaborator)

"Welcoming in her manner and kind in her relationships, you can trust Sonia knowing that she will follow you through all the phases of the project with loving care and dedication. Sonia is a professional who is very attentive to the client's wishes, client that she takes care of with great helpfulness and precision, from the architectural design to the finished "turnkey" work"

Silvia C. Architecture Solutions

“Sonia Melli was introduced to us by the architect who designed our green home-building house, as we could not find a company that met our expectations. With her professionalism and expertise, and in a short period of time, Sonia was able to engage a contractor capable of getting the job done while saving us time and money. In addition, she found and coordinated a group of professionals for the finishing touches and installations giving us numerous suggestions, during the process, that were to make the spaces of our house functional as well as beautiful.”

Alessandra and Ivo (verified client)

Did you know that…

To help you navigate the world of green home-building, you can consult the FAQs with answers to the most frequently asked questions.
If you can't find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact me.
How can I make my house eco-sustainable?
  1. With energy efficiency and thermal insulation
  2. By reducing non-renewable energy consumption
  3. Heating and lighting
  4. Using appliances of class A+ or higher
  5. By choosing sustainable furnishings
  6. By painting walls using eco-friendly paints
How is a prefabricated house made?
Is wood or brick better?
Is a wooden house resistant?
Does a house made from straw increase the risk of fire?
How can I lower the costs of a garden?
Can you really make a house zero energy?
How long does it take to go from making the agreement to handing over the keys?
What advantages does a wooden house offer? Is it safe in case of fire?

Wood is a natural, ecological insulator, therefore saving energy is guaranteed;
Reduction in construction times;
Quake proof;
Resistant over time.


Contact me for professional advice

To find the solution that best suits your needs, book a meeting with me. I will make an in-depth study of your real estate context and the ideas you have in mind, and together we will map the way to building your future home.